Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I couldn't wait for success so i went ahead without it. All it takes is one decision. Then why is it so hard? Remember: Less is more but not the best you ever had. So now, what happens when you are unwillingly mine? 

The outcome of the war inside my mind will tell, as the heart is a lonely hunter and now i'm yours pray. But, if we are to take off through THAT door i'd like to get to know you more. 

I feel kind of alone, too, but since i am of the belief "try anything at least once", i stay. Not completely somenthing simple, just my indecessiveness. My manic and I. And let the game begin.! Let me see how long you last.  

I will drive to your limit if you show me your end behaviour. This time, i'll reach out and touch faith. Faith that will help us through...