Saturday, October 18, 2014


I believe that the hardest thing in life is figuring out your lifetime goal.
Seeking - in the midst of all the calamity that every day life could offer -
pushing, and pulling, to find something to confidently stand for...
isnt as "easy-peasy lemon-squeezy" as we think it is, but awesome and actually life changing..
Because I mean what's life if you live for nothing right?

Wether it be to obtain a higher education, job,personal goals,
providing for yourself or your family, becoming an example,
making an impact in your school or community, whatever it could possibly be...
maybe even standing for self respect & self-confidence..
Just stand for something.

Although it may be silly, but I believe that we can all stand for this one thing..
something that might seem easy but actually quiet a challenge.


Because it seems so small, so insignificant at the moment,
but can impact a person's life in so many ways.
There is not one person out there who is exactly the same.
But we all love to be loved.
As babies we need it.
As kids we seek it.
As teenagers we try to understand it.
As adults we learn from it.
and its crazy but, as humans, we are the only ones who have the ability and capacity to give it.

Standing for something isn't just something you say.
It's something you live by, act upon, and challenge yourself to be an example of.