Tuesday, September 27, 2011


-What? What is that look?
-That look's sad Michael.
-There's nothing going on Joanna. Laura is just someone I work with.
-It's not that I'm blaming you for being attracted to her. She's... attractive. And it's natural to crave newness.
-So what are you blaming me for?
-For going out of your way not to admit it. 
-Thought i just did. (...) Oh, no, no, come on Jo, you know what i meant!!
-Of course I know. You always mean exactly what you say. And you just said.

-(Michael) I'm sorry. 
-(Joanna) What for?
-I'm not sure. But I love you.
-I know, but it doesn't change anything at the moment.

So, does it later?