Friday, November 11, 2011

cheers to the past

conversations quickly turn into a dance of dialogue, two topics exchanged and avoided simultaneously, varied meanings tossed back and forth. you think it is something about my fear of being uncovered but i am more afraid of the places i'll become trapped, stuck in the muddy squelch of love, the glue that kept my feet in place. so i am trying very hard not to spin for days at the idea that you've allowed me to waltz in and out of your life with an apathetic swagger, trying very hard not to shake in anticipation that i might see you somewhere soon enough. the patience and resistance that would have me colliding years later, fumbling for a better attempt at the right words and polite excuses, and it will be you who shakes your head at my stupidity and me who will whisper "didn't you know i've been here even after all this time?" and your brow will furrow when you will only reply with a quick sharp "why?"